Tawjih company is specialized in the field of

Training, Coaching and Consultancy

Tawjih is engaged in guiding professionals and students to strive for excellence and to add value to each task undertaken in their respective work environments; thus, enabling them to succeed and contribute to the well-being of their society.

 “A Prominent Person for a Better Future”

What matters for Individuals?

  • Develop capabilities to improve relationships, boost performance and succeed any job

What matters for Institutions?

  • Achieve satisfying business results and higher returns on investment

Tawjih will be your strategic talent development partner by offering its expertise and know-how to find the right human capital solutions.


Prepare and guide each individual to explore his or her potential and equip him or her with the right tools to excel and make a positive impact in his or her professional environment.


To become a key player in designing and delivering top-quality training and coaching programs aimed at helping each individual celebrate his or her uniqueness while promoting a positive and professional image.


“It is more than a mission, it is a passion”

Tawjih Team Motto.

Aside from its combined experience and know-how in the field of training, entertainment, and career counseling, the Tawjih Team is renowned for its passion to deliver to its clients the most cutting-edge techniques in this vast field. The Team works hard to keep abreast of the latest developments and continually augments its skills and competencies to continue delivering world-class trainings that exceed client expectations.

The Team is firmly committed to making innovation and differentiation a habit toward achieving ultimate successes and guaranteeing mutually beneficial results with business partners.

Tawjih Team

Johnny El Helou

Managing Director – Senior Trainer


Mazen Yachoui

Partner – Trainer & Training Consultant

Cendrella K Mjouaes

Cendrella Moujaes

Trainer & Consultant

Omar Aouad

Omar Aouad

Partner – Trainer

Jessica El Helou

Jessica El Helou

Partner – Marketing & PR coordinator